Keiichirou Kita

Mr. Kita is the founder of the Society for Harmonic Science in Tokyo, Japan. He also founded The Joy Foundation using the Chinese characters in his family name; 'ki' meaning 'joy' and 'ta' meaning foundation.


The Joy Foundation is dedicated to the research of applying vibratory sound frequencies to the human body and environment. The findings are channeled into re-establishing natural, harmonic rhythms that benefit the vitality, health and well-being of an individual.

This scientific and practical research led Mr. Kita to develop the Biosonic Peace Machine. This revolutionary tool delivers specific sound vibrations to body tissues at the cellular level by influencing the energetic field and the body's energy channels.

​With deep reverence for this work, Mr. Kita has produced over 20 CDs full of the natural, organic sounds of nature. These special CDs can be used like sonic air purifiers to improve the quality of the environment.  For example, waves produced by the vibration of sound penetrate our skin, and the natural rhythms help to encourage homeostasis in the body.

Mr. Kita, the author of 8 publications, is also considered a leader in the field of well-being using the tried and tested 'Kita Method'.

​The Peace Machine is a revolutionary tool that converts soothing low frequency musical sound waves into vibrations that promote mental, physical and emotional health. 

The nurturing and non-invasive modality topically administers deeply soothing sounds to various parts of the body. Simultaneously, these frequencies are experienced as music by the ear and received at a cellular level through the auditory system. These frequencies stimulate harmonic resonance throughout the body and brain to promote an internal environment that fosters healing. Energy moves as vibrations in the form of waves occurring at different frequencies.  Each organ resonates at a particular frequency; when the organs are out of balance, the frequencies are no longer in harmony. As a result, a discordant sound is produced. In the human body, this discordance in the organs results in disease. The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine is designed to reestablish and maintain a harmonic resonance that creates peace and well-being of mind and body.   


For more on Mr. Kita please read: A Personal Journey - The Founding of Healing Vibration by Keiichirou Kita @ or click button below.

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